Founded in 1998 and affiliated with Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, EPGIK continues its activities. EPGIK is one of the oldest and most active clubs of the Technical University with more than 1000 members added every year, more than 100 events organized, and a history of 25 years.

As EPGIK, we organize 2 career events and 1 cultural-art event throughout the year. Our career events, MED and Makinistanbul, bring students together with companies. Our cultural-art event, Ça-Ça-Ron, brings students together with artists and celebrities. While MED and Makinistanbul contribute to the careers of prospective engineers, Ça-Ça-Ron aims to provide enjoyable times for all students.




  • Management & Engineering Day

    Organized every year since 2019 at ITU Ayazağa Campus Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center, Management & Engineering Day (MED) brings student candidates from all fields together with industry leaders, experienced engineers, and HR representatives.
    Our goal is to provide students with experience and vision and to give companies the opportunity to meet future talents. We create our program with various interactive activities. MED, since its first organization, has been the first event of the academic year at ITU and serves as a bridge between students and companies by allowing students to get to know many different companies and business life.

  • Makinistanbul

    Organized since 2005 at ITU Gumussuyu Campus, Makinistanbul appeals to all faculties, especially the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, where student candidates can meet with companies one-on-one about their careers and personal development.
    Makinistanbul is currently the largest student summit in Turkey in the field of mechanical engineering. Within the scope of this year's 19th Makinistanbul, panels, workshops, case studies, job and internship interviews, certified training, and various engineering projects are organized to benefit students.

  • Ortabahçe Magazine

    Ortabahçe, a cultural and technical magazine published by ITU Industrial Project Development and Cooperation Club (EPGIK), includes literary and objective texts written by ITU students, as well as illustrations and photographs.

Email: info@epgik.com
Address: Gümüşsuyu, İnönü Cd. No:65, ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 34437 Beyoğlu/Istanbul