ITU Mechanical Engineering Club is a social student club that undergraduate students studying at Istanbul Technical University can benefit from.

Our mission is to organize activities that students can benefit from in terms of their professional lives throughout their undergraduate education, to establish a bridge between students and companies by organizing joint events with companies in the industry, and to create interaction among students studying in different disciplines at our school with the events we organize socially and academically.

Our vision is to continue our activities without slowing down, to add new ones at the same time, to grow our club, to appeal to larger audiences, and to ensure that everyone enjoys participating in the events we organize together with our student members.


Within our club, we organize various events in both academic and social fields, such as our alumni talk event, technical tours organized to companies, seminars organized with engineers from the industry on specific topics, our MAK101 event organized with our school's professors, and so on.

  • MAK101 Event

    This is our event series where our valuable and expert professors inform students on specific topics determined by our club.

  • Alumni Talks

    In this event, we host valuable alumni from our school who have graduated and are working in good positions in the industry or continuing their academic careers. The aim of this event is to benefit from the valuable experiences and advice of our alumni who have worked hard in the same classrooms as us, both in their professional lives and in school life.

  • Factory Technical Tours

    We organize technical tours to factories located in Istanbul or nearby cities. The aim of our technical tours is to increase the interaction between students of our faculty and companies, and to allow students to observe production lines and processes by participating in factory tours in addition to the theoretical education they receive at school.


Address: Gümüşsuyu, İnönü Cd. No:65, ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 34437 Beyoğlu/Istanbul