Room Number: 315
Capacity: 72
Granted to the faculty by Turkish Textile Employers' Association (TTSİS) on 25.10.1995.


Room Number: 319
Capacity: 72
Furnished by MSE Orhan KARAKULLUKÇU in 1995 and by Dean’s Office of ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 2015.


Room Number: 325
Capacity: 305
It is the largest conference hall in Gümüşsuyu Campus. It was granted to the faculty in 1996 by D.Eng Orhan ÖCALGİRAY, who was born in Istanbul in 1922 and graduated from ITU Mechanical Engineering in 1947. The piano of the hall was donated by Ms. Saadet ÖCALGİRAY. The sound system equipment was provided by Prof. Metin LOKMANHEKİM. The photo below shows the hall in 1933 and today.


Room Number: 400
Capacity: 55
This hall is used for the thesis defenses and graduation presentations of our students. It was built and furnished in 2009 in memory of the late Prof. Mustafa GEDİKTAŞ, who had been a member of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, by his wife Tülin GEDİKTAŞ and D.Eng Keskin KESER, who was a 1963 graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


Room Number: 342
Capacity: 20



The photo above shows the meeting of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Professors Board in 1955. From left to right (clockwise): Prof. Dr. Fahri Terzioğlu (Aeronautics)
Prof. Dr. Fikret Narter (Mechanical)
Prof. Dr. Kamuran Görün (Mechanical)
Prof. Dr. Ratip Berker (Founding Dean)
Prof. Dr. Hilmi İleri (Mechanical)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mesut Savcı (Naval Architecture)
Prof. Dr. Hikmet Binark (Dean)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selim Palavan (Mechanical)
Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Sağışman (Mechanical)
Prof. Dr. Ata Nutku (Naval Architecture)
Prof. Dr. Bekir Dizioğlu (Mechanical)
Prof. Dr. François Ducio (Mechanical)

Room Number: 348
Capacity: 12
The first photo from 1933 shows the meeting room used at that time. Photo below shows the meeting room in use today.