ITU Racing was founded in 2007 with the aim of participating in international Formula Student student competitions. The Formula team within ITU Racing participates in Formula Student competitions held in various parts of the world with the vehicles it designs every year.

The team, consisting of students from different engineering disciplines, has produced a total of five Formula Student vehicles, including three internal combustion, one electric-autonomous, and one electric vehicle.

Our vision is to be recognized among the prestigious teams known for innovation, competitiveness, and capabilities among Formula Student Teams worldwide, representing our country and our university in the best possible way.

Our mission is to provide a continuous environment where engineering candidates interested in evolving and changing automotive technologies can demonstrate their talents. In this regard, creating a sustainable team environment is essential.




  • Vehicle Dynamics

    Responsible for the design and production of the team's wheel assembly, brake system, steering system, and the kinematic and dynamic design of the vehicle's suspension.

  • Power Transmission

    Responsible for the design and production of the system that transmits the power from the engine to the drive wheels.

  • Chassis and Ergonomics

    Responsible for the design, modeling, analysis, and production of the "chassis," which is the main body onto which all the vehicle's parts are assembled.

  • Aerodynamics

    Focuses on the interaction between the vehicle and airflow during motion, aiming to increase the vehicle's stability and maximum speed. Also provides support to the electronics team in controlling airflow for battery cooling.

  • Electrical

    Responsible for the design and production of the vehicle's high-voltage battery pack and its connection to the motor controller and motor.

  • Electronics

    Responsible for the design and production of all electronic circuits on the vehicle.

  • Software and Autonomous

    Responsible for controlling the vehicle, processing telemetry data, and developing autonomous software.

  • Public Relations

    Organizes PR activities to increase the team's visibility. Also manages our social media accounts.

  • Design

    Responsible for the team's graphic design, drawings, models, and animations.

  • Business Presentation & Financial Analysis

    Develops a business plan involving the vehicle and presents it to Formula Student juries through financial data. Prepares reports presenting all the costs generated during the vehicle's development process.

  • Finance and Sponsorship Team

    Coordinates collaboration agreements with companies to cover R&D and production costs. Manages contract processes and legal procedures. Additionally, coordinates sponsorship or procurement processes for necessary raw materials and supplies for production. Also handles budget reporting.

  • 2019

    Teknofest Unmanned Ground Vehicle Competition - 1st Place










Address: Istanbul Technical University, Reşitpaşa, Central Sports Hall, Sarıyer/Istanbul