ITU Rover Team was founded in 2016. The team's main goal is to translate theoretical knowledge learned at the university into engineering examples by developing unmanned exploration vehicles called "rovers" and achieving success in national and international competitions to represent our school and country. Over the years, ITU Rover Team has made steady progress in independently producing all mechanical, electronic, and software systems of the rover vehicle.

In general, in competitions organized by NASA and the European Space Agency, where more than 100 teams from 13 different countries compete, ITU Rover Team has proven its success by winning different awards each year.

With the achievements we have obtained, ITU Rover Team has become a major brand in the space robotics industry not only in Turkey but also worldwide. The team aims to operate its vehicles on different planets one day.




ITU Rover Team consists of mechanical, electronic, software, science, organization, and creative design sub-teams. These teams are responsible for the technical part of the rover vehicle, the vitality analysis laboratory, the financial management of the project, and the implementation of promotional designs.

The technical subsystems of the rover vehicle include the chassis, the robot arm, and the science laboratory. Thanks to its chassis, the rover vehicle overcomes challenging terrains successfully. With the 6-axis robot arm, it can perform tasks similar to what a human hand can do. The science system on top of it can conduct various scientific experiments in the environment it is placed. All these tasks can be performed unmanned by the rover.

  • Mechanical Team

    Responsible for the mechanical design and analysis of the robot arm, chassis, and science system, as well as their production.

  • Electronic Team

    Works on making the mechanically ready vehicle electronically operational with the help of printed circuit boards and embedded software.

  • Software Team

    Writes necessary autonomous codes to make the rover vehicle smarter and capable of successfully completing competition tasks.

  • Science Team

    Conducts various scientific experiments, including vitality analysis of the rover, ensuring smooth movements of both the chassis and robot arm.

  • Organization Team

    Provides the necessary financial resources for this whole process. The Organization sub-team communicates with the world's leading companies to ensure their support. It ensures the satisfaction of both ITU Rover Team and our supporters, not limiting the relationship to just team-supporter but aiming for mutual satisfaction.

  • Design Team

    Actively participates in various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube to increase the visibility of ITU Rover Team by creating designs and sharing them.

  • 2018

    University Rover Challenge Best Science System Special Award

  • 2020

    IMH Hackathon 2nd Place
    University Rover Challenge 3rd Place

  • 2021

    European Rover Challenge 2nd Place
    European Rover Challenge Best Robot Arm Special Award

  • 2022

    European Rover Challenge 3rd Place
    European Rover Challenge Best Presentation Special Award










Address: ITU Rover Team, ITU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics,
              Istanbul Technical University, 34467 Istanbul