New Book from Prof. Dr. Metin Gürgöze

Prof. Dr. Metin GÜRGÖZE's book "Parametre Tahrikli Titreşimler" has been published by "İTÜ Vakfı Yayınları". First of all, we congratulate our professor, and we sincerely believe that this work, which has been prepared with the experience of many years, will help fill a gap in our mechanical literature. We hope that the work will be useful to graduate and doctoral students and engineers working in the industry, who will be interested in the subject.

The second edition of Assist. Prof. Adil YÜCEL's MATLAB book is printout

The author of the book, Assist. Prof. Adil YÜCEL is a faculty member who has been interested in programming since his secondary school years and has proven himself with his studies on this subject. The idea of writing a book, which was born while sharing his experiences with his students, from the first days he started teaching programming related courses, resulted in this book. In this book, Assist. Prof. Adil YÜCEL aims to provide engineering students with a basic programming background beyond explaining the use of the MATLAB programming package. The book has been prepared to provide students the ability to develop algorithms to help them solve the problems they encounter, by giving them numerical analysis knowledge. We believe that this book, which includes examples of mathematics, engineering, and mechanical applications, which are not very common in similar books, will be very useful to students.