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Industrial Collaborations Of Faculty Members

by Hilal Koç | Jan 14, 2023

Performance Improvement of Action Fans with ANSYS Adjoint Optimization Tool

  • Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr Tahsin ENGİN
  • Collaborating Organization: BVN Elektrik Motor Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.
  • Summary: Within the scope of this project, it is aimed to increase the static efficiency of high value-added fans, which are used especially in HVAC systems and have an import figure of $ 30/kg per kg, by using the adjoint solver optimisation tool. Thus, it is aimed to develop a fan in accordance with ERP standards on an international basis.
  • Duration: 15.09.2022-15.09.2023

Parametric Optimization of Double Blade Axial Fans for Cooling Towers

  • Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr Tahsin ENGİN
  • Collaborating Organization: Cenk Endüstri Tesisleri İmalat ve Taahhüt A.Ş.
  • Summary: Optimization of new generation double airfoil fans used in cooling towers will be performed for different operating conditions. Airfoil optimisation will be used in 10 other fan groups.
  • Duration: 05.12.2022-05.12.2023

Optimisation of cooling performance of power transformers using a fluid dynamics approach

  • Project Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr Ali İhsan KOCA
  • Collaborating Organization: General Elektrik (GE) Grid Solutions A.Ş.
  • Summary: Within the scope of the project, the thermal performance of air-cooled radiators used in the cooling of power transformers produced by the company has been investigated and improved using numerical and experimental methods. 

TÜSEB – Presidency of Turkish Institutes of Health (Part-time assignment)

Faculty member Assoc. Prof. Dr Ali İhsan KOCA was assigned to the Presidency of Turkish Health Institutes (TÜSEB) as a part-time researcher to work on topics such as Technology Transfer, R&D and Project management, and additive manufacturing in health. 

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ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering takes pride in having close to 100 years of Mechanical Engineering tradition, and has currently 33 Professors, 12 Associate Professors, 24 Assistant Professors and 15 Lecturers as Faculty members. At present, we have over 2000 undergraduate students, all of which were selected among the top ~0.5% of the ~2.3 million students taking the nationwide university entrance exam annually.

Founded in 1933, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering received its current name in 1944. With the university reform in 1933, the Institute of Electricity and Machines of the Istanbul University was replaced by the Electro-Mechanic Department; and by doing so our Mechanical Engineering education, which still continues, began 87 years ago. 11 years later in 1944, the name of the institution was changed to Istanbul Technical University and under it a separate school/college of Mechanical Engineering was founded with the current name: “Faculty of Mechanical Engineering“.

Our faculty is one of the oldest institutions in our country that carries out education and research activities in the field of mechanical engineering. The different engineering branches it hosts have developed and become a faculty. in 1969; Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Sciences, in 1983; The Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design and the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics gained their independent status.In the first years, the Mining Engineering department, which was part of the basic sciences and general engineering courses instruct within the scope of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, became an independent faculty in 1953.

ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering performs research and education in the design, development and production planning of all types of mechanical and energy transformation systems. Our 75 Faculty members are performing research and development in a wide range of areas related to both immediate needs of the industry and also cutting edge science for future technologies and applications. Our research areas include, but not limited to, Automotive Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Robotics, Textile Industry, Defense Industry, Reverse Engineering, Clean Energy, Renewable Energy, Underground Gasification, MEMS, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutics, and Biomolecular Engineering.

With its gorgeous Ottoman era building providing extensive lab space, massive laboratory and research investment performed in the past 87 years, and the recent addition of the 1500 m2 big Dr. Keskin Keser student lab building, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has one of the most extensive educational and research laboratories in Turkey and provides its students with top quality Mechanical Engineering education in a gorgeous historical building located at a prime location in the very heart of Istanbul.