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WOS Indexed Publications in 2022

by Hilal Koç | Aug 02, 2022
Mechanical Engineering Faculty academicians have published their studies in their fields in various Web of Science indexed journals in 2022. We congratulate our academicians on their success.

Mechanical Engineering Faculty academicians have published their studies in their fields in various Web of Science indexed journals in 2022. We congratulate our academicians on their success.

Author Name Publication Name Doi Number
1 Saygili, Y.| Genc, G.| Sanliturk, K.Y.| Koruk, H. Investigation of the Acoustic and Mechanical Properties of Homogenous and Hybrid Jute and Luffa Bio Composites  10.1080/15440478.2020.1764446
2 Polat, M.E.| Ulger, F.| Cadirci, S. Multi-objective optimization and performance assessment of microchannel heat sinks with micro pin-fins
Oyman, E.L.| Korkut, M.Y.| Ylmaz, C.| Bayraktaroglu, Z.Y.| Arslan, M.S. Design and control of a cable-driven rehabilitation robot for upper and lower limbs
4 Bolat, Ç.| Akgün, İ.C.| Gökşenli, A. Effect of Aging Heat Treatment on Compressive Characteristics of Bimodal Aluminum Syntactic Foams Produced by Cold Chamber Die Casting
5 Bolat, Ç.| Ergene, B.| Karakılınç, U.| Gökşenli, A. Investigating on the machinability assessment of precision machining pumice reinforced AA7075 syntactic foam  10.1177/09544062211027613
6 Ferro, L.S.| Fang, Q.| Eshun-Wilson, L.| Fernandes, J.| Jack, A.| Farrell, D.P.| Golcuk, M.| Huijben, T.| Costa, K.| Gur, M.| DiMaio, F.| Nogales, E.| Yildiz, A. Structural and functional insight into regulation o kinesin-1 by microtubule-associated protein MAP 10.1126/science.abf6154
7 Kalaoglu-Altan, O.I.| Kayaoglu, B.K.| Trabzon, L. Improving thermal conductivities of textile materials by nanohybrid approaches  10.1016/j.isci.2022.103825
8 Hıra, O.| Yücedağ, S.| Samankan, S.| Çiçek, Ö.Y.| Altınkaynak, A. Numerical and experimental analysis of optimal nozzle dimensions for FDM printers  10.1007/s40964-021-00241-y
9 Ozsipahi, M.| Kose, H.A.| Kerpicci, H.| Gunes, H.
Experimental study of R290/R600a mixtures in vapor compression refrigeration system  10.1016/j.ijrefrig.2021.10.004
10 Gokcekaya, O.| Ergun, C.| Gulmez, T.| Nakano, T.| Yilmaz, S. Structural Characterization of Ion Nitrided 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel: Influence of Treatment Temperature and Time  10.3390/met12020306
11 Gunpinar, E.| Armanfar, A.
Helical5AM: Five-axis parametrized helical additive manufacturing  10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2022.117565
12 Onler, R.| Koca, A.S.| Kirim, B.| Soylemez, E.
Multi-objective optimization of binder jet additive manufacturing of Co-Cr-Mo using machine learning 10.1007/s00170-021-08183-z
13 Lee, J.W.| Lee, C.W.| Şahin, B.| Vîlcu, G.-E. Chen-Ricci inequalities for Riemannian maps and their applications  10.1090/conm/777/15627
14 Kose, H.A.| Yildizeli, A.| Cadirci, S. Parametric study and optimization of microchannel heat sinks with various shapes  10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2022.118368
15 Kilavuz, A.| Sarigiguzel, F.| Ozgoren, M.| Durhasan, T.| Sahin, B.| Kavurmacioglu, L.A.| Akilli, H.| Sekeroglu, E.| Yaniktepe, B. The impacts of the free-surface and angle of attack on the flow structures around a torpedo-like geometry  10.1016/j.euromechflu.2021.12.005
16 Parlakyigit, A.S.| Ergun, C. A facile synthesis method for in situ composites of TiB2/B4C and ZrB2/B4C  10.1007/s41779-021-00700-3
17 Celik, E.| Sacmaozu, G.| Irez, A.B. Development of Carbon-Glass Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composites: Applications in Offshore Wind Turbine Blades  10.1007/978-3-030-86741-6_4
18 Şimşek, S.| Vahid, E.A.| Çelik, S.| Sayar, E.| Koşar, A. Fabrication and flow rate characterization of a DRIE process based valveless piezoelectric micropump  10.1088/1361-6439/ac69ab
19 Saf, O.| Erol, H.| Kutlu, A.E. A method for material characterization of sealing system elastomers using sound transmission loss measurements  10.1016/j.polymertesting.2022.107618
20 Yüceşan, A.| Mugan, A. Development of a model predictive controller for an active torsional vibration damper to suppress torsional vibrations in vehicle powertrains  10.1177/09544070211014791
21 Celebi, A.T.| Uzel, G.| Oylumlu, E.| Baykasoglu, C.| Mugan, A.| Joly, S.| Ciraci, C. Computational Modeling of T Cell Hypersensitivity during Coronavirus Infections Leading to Autoimmunity and Lethality  10.1155/2022/9444502
22 Ak, S.E.| Cadirci, S. Investigation of Suction Flow Control on Centrifugal Compressor with Vaned Diffuser  10.3390/en15020583
23 Ozturk, S.| Erol, H. Multi-objective optimization of a diesel particulate filter: an acoustic approach  10.1080/02726351.2021.1964116
24 Sag, D.C.| Erol, H.| Gursoy, I.| Kayasal, U. Optomechanical system design under road vibration conditions  10.1177/09544070221091681
25 Bolat, Ç.| Akgün, İ.C.| Gökşenli, A. Influences of reinforcement size and artificial aging on the compression features of hybrid ceramic filled aluminum syntactic foams  10.1177/09544062221083208
26 Balcı, Ö.| Yavuz, A.| Özkan, M.| Sen, O.T. Comparison and investigation of inverse identification techniques for the material properties of a brake disc through experimental and numerical modal analysis  10.1177/09544062221104714
27 Gökaslan, M.Y.| Özdemir, M.| Kuddusi, L. Experimental study on laminar air flow and heat transfer through a spiral channel filled with steel balls  10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2021.107359
28 Mataraci, F.| Karimov, U.| Ozdemir, I.B.| Yildirim, D.| Altindag, A. CFD simulations and analyses of asymptomatic and symptomatic nasal airway obstructions  10.1142/S0219519422500051
29 Bakkal, M.| Osmanoǧlu, H.| Bodur, M.S. Effect of surface treatments on the interfacial strength for metal/composite hybrid joints  10.17341/gazimmfd.943926
30  Caglayan, A.| Husain, S.M.| Ipek, M.| Aynur, T.N.| Cadirci, S. Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Domestic Refrigeration Cycle  10.1115/1.4052453
31 Balta, E.C.| Altınkaynak, A. Numerical and experimental analysis of bead cross-sectional geometry in fused filament fabrication  10.1108/RPJ-09-2021-0255
32  Yucel, A. Numerical and Experimental Modal Analyses of Inclined Supported Bridge Wing Structures  10.20855/ijav.2022.27.11863
33  Irez, A.B.| Okan, C.| Kaya, R.| Cebe, E. Development of recycled disposable mask based polypropylene matrix composites: Microwave self-healing via graphene nanoplatelets  10.1016/j.susmat.2022.e00389
34 Subaşı, A.| Erdem, K. Prediction of specific heat of hybrid nanofluids using artificial neural networks  10.17341/gazimmfd.880340
35 Tasmektepligil, A.A.| Gunpinar, E. SplineLearner: Generative learning system of design constraints for models represented using B-spline surfaces  10.1016/j.aei.2021.101478
36 Bulut, C.O.| Jena, S.P.| Kurt, S. Experimental and computational study on dynamic analysis of cracked simply supported structures under moving mass  10.3221/IGF-ESIS.60.09
37  Subasi, A. Mini-channel heat exchanger optimization using genetic algorithm and multiple-criteria decision making  10.18186/thermal.1066993
38 Sancak, K.V.| Bayraktaroglu, Z.Y.  Nonlinear Computed Torque Control of 6-Dof Parallel Manipulators  10.1007/s12555-021-0198-6
39 Tekcin, M.| Sayar, E.| Yalcin, M.K.| Bahadir, S.K. Wearable and Flexible Humidity Sensor Integrated to Disposable Diapers for Wetness Monitoring and Urinary Incontinence  10.3390/electronics11071025
40 Erbas, B.| Yardim, S.| Kirca, M. Mechanical properties of fullerene embedded silicon nanowires  10.1007/s00419-022-02151-z
41  Sengul, M.| Isik, E.H.| Ozdemir, I.B. Models for Droplet Motion on Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Surfaces  10.1080/01457632.2021.1953753
43 Abusoglu, A.| Tozlu, A.| Anvari-Moghaddam, A.  A Two-Stage ORC Integration to an Existing Fluidized Bed Sewage Sludge Incineration Plant for Power Production in the Scope of Waste-to-Energy  10.5541/ijot.994813
44 Ertürk, F.| Erol, H. On the acoustic radiation of all edges free rectangular thin plate  10.3397/1/37703
45 Sonkaya, F.| Cadirci, S.| Erdem, D. Flow Separation Control on NACA0015 Airfoil Using Synchronized Jet Actuator  10.47176/jafm.15.02.33068
46 Altuǧ, E.| Türkmen, A. A Novel Mini Jet Engine Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Modeling and Control  10.1142/S2301385022500017
47 Polat, M.E.| Cadirci, S. Artificial neural network model and multi-objective optimization of microchannel heat sinks with diamond-shaped pin fins  10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2022.123015
48 Bolat, C.| Bekar, C.| Goksenli, A. Mechanical and Physical Characteristics of Bubble Alumina Reinforced Aluminum Syntactic Foams Made Through Recyclable Pressure Infiltration Technique  10.35378/gujs.855321
50 Caliskan, E.| Kirca, M. Tensile characteristics of boron nanotubes by using reactive molecular dynamics simulations  10.1016/j.commatsci.2022.111368
51  Benim, A.C.| Deniz Canal, C.| Boke, Y.E. Computational investigation of oxy-combustion of pulverized coal and biomass in a swirl burner  10.1016/
52 Yavuz, B.| Vural, M. Failure Analysis of ATV Axles  10.1007/s11668-022-01366-0
53  Sarigiguzel, F.| Kilavuz, A.| Ozgoren, M.| Durhasan, T.| Sahin, B.| Kavurmacioglu, L.A.| Akilli, H.| Sekeroglu, E.| Yaniktepe, B. Experimental investigation of free-surface effects on flow characteristics of a torpedo-like geometry having a cambered nose  10.1016/j.oceaneng.2022.111174
54 Okan, C.| Kaya, R.| Irez, A.B.| Cebe, E. Effect of the Graphene Nanoplatelets (GnPs) on the Mechanical Properties in Recycled PP-Based Hybrid Composites  10.1007/978-3-030-86741-6_5
55 Gunpinar, E.| Cam, S. 4 and 5-Axis additive manufacturing of parts represented using free-form 3D curves  10.1016/j.gmod.2022.101137
 Argin, O.F.| Bayraktaroglu, Z.Y. Single-master/multi-slave haptic teleoperation: a force control scheme  10.1108/IR-02-2021-0027
57 Samankan, S.| Fard, A. A.| Berkkurt, T. Z.| Altınkaynak, A.| Acer Kalafat, M. Finite element modeling of an origami-inspired delta mechanism with flexible components and joints
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ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering takes pride in having close to 100 years of Mechanical Engineering tradition, and has currently 33 Professors, 12 Associate Professors, 24 Assistant Professors and 15 Lecturers as Faculty members. At present, we have over 2000 undergraduate students, all of which were selected among the top ~0.5% of the ~2.3 million students taking the nationwide university entrance exam annually.

Founded in 1933, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering received its current name in 1944. With the university reform in 1933, the Institute of Electricity and Machines of the Istanbul University was replaced by the Electro-Mechanic Department; and by doing so our Mechanical Engineering education, which still continues, began 87 years ago. 11 years later in 1944, the name of the institution was changed to Istanbul Technical University and under it a separate school/college of Mechanical Engineering was founded with the current name: “Faculty of Mechanical Engineering“.

Our faculty is one of the oldest institutions in our country that carries out education and research activities in the field of mechanical engineering. The different engineering branches it hosts have developed and become a faculty. in 1969; Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Sciences, in 1983; The Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design and the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics gained their independent status.In the first years, the Mining Engineering department, which was part of the basic sciences and general engineering courses instruct within the scope of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, became an independent faculty in 1953.

ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering performs research and education in the design, development and production planning of all types of mechanical and energy transformation systems. Our 75 Faculty members are performing research and development in a wide range of areas related to both immediate needs of the industry and also cutting edge science for future technologies and applications. Our research areas include, but not limited to, Automotive Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Robotics, Textile Industry, Defense Industry, Reverse Engineering, Clean Energy, Renewable Energy, Underground Gasification, MEMS, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutics, and Biomolecular Engineering.

With its gorgeous Ottoman era building providing extensive lab space, massive laboratory and research investment performed in the past 87 years, and the recent addition of the 1500 m2 big Dr. Keskin Keser student lab building, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has one of the most extensive educational and research laboratories in Turkey and provides its students with top quality Mechanical Engineering education in a gorgeous historical building located at a prime location in the very heart of Istanbul.