M.S. or Ph.D. Research Assistant

Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul, TURKİYE

M.S. 7.500,00 TL
Ph.D. 10.000,00 TL

Closing date
January 15, 2023

Who can apply?
M.S. or Ph.D. student at Mechanical Engineering Department at Istanbul Technical University. Applicant should currently be enrolled or has to be accepted by the program in Spring 2023 Term.

Additive Manufacturing Education and Research Laboratory in Mechanical Engineering Department at Istanbul Technical University is searching for an M.S. or Ph.D. student researcher. You will join a binder jetting additive manufacturing research project funded by CORE Electronics.

Project includes:
- Conducting binder jet additive manufacturing experiments
- Running sintering experiments and image processing of sintering behavior
- Optimize the printing and sintering processes
- Understanding the microstructural behavior of soft magnetic materials
- Study magnetic characterization
- Tailor design magnetic parts

This is a full-time position requires a full dedication to the project requirements and also laboratory work loads. You should be fluent in English. You need to be able to run data and image analysis by computer programming.

Please send your English cover letter, detailed CV, Transcripts, and contact information for two references to esoylemez@itu.edu.tr until January 15, 2023.


Obligations to CORE Electronics
  • Working on mechanical design for determined projects by Core Elektronik 2 days a week,
  • Attending online meetings about the projects, 
  • Working as a R&D Engineer for Core Elektronik, the duration of this employment must be minimum the same duration as of the M.S. or Ph.D.  program after graduating successfully.
Other Informations
  • The candidates who will take part in this project will have the chance both advance academically and gain design and R&D experience in a company that produces in the industry.
  • The scholarship is guaranteed by Core Elektronik for the duration of project.  Attendance and full filling the performance criteria determined by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emrecan Söylemez are the key factors for the scholarship to continue.
  • After finishing the program there will be minimum 2 years liability for working for Core Elektronik and an obligation will be in the contract.

For more information about Core Elektronik please visit www.corewinders.com