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Yazar İsimleri Yayınlar Doi Numarası
1 Saygili, Y.| Genc, G.| Sanliturk, K.Y.| Koruk, H. Investigation of the Acoustic and Mechanical Properties of Homogenous and Hybrid Jute and Luffa Bio Composites  10.1080/15440478.2020.1764446
2 Polat, M.E.| Ulger, F.| Cadirci, S. Multi-objective optimization and performance assessment of microchannel heat sinks with micro pin-fins
Oyman, E.L.| Korkut, M.Y.| Ylmaz, C.| Bayraktaroglu, Z.Y.| Arslan, M.S. Design and control of a cable-driven rehabilitation robot for upper and lower limbs
4 Bolat, Ç.| Akgün, İ.C.| Gökşenli, A. Effect of Aging Heat Treatment on Compressive Characteristics of Bimodal Aluminum Syntactic Foams Produced by Cold Chamber Die Casting
5 Bolat, Ç.| Ergene, B.| Karakılınç, U.| Gökşenli, A. Investigating on the machinability assessment of precision machining pumice reinforced AA7075 syntactic foam  10.1177/09544062211027613
6 Ferro, L.S.| Fang, Q.| Eshun-Wilson, L.| Fernandes, J.| Jack, A.| Farrell, D.P.| Golcuk, M.| Huijben, T.| Costa, K.| Gur, M.| DiMaio, F.| Nogales, E.| Yildiz, A. Structural and functional insight into regulation o kinesin-1 by microtubule-associated protein MAP 10.1126/science.abf6154
7 Kalaoglu-Altan, O.I.| Kayaoglu, B.K.| Trabzon, L. Improving thermal conductivities of textile materials by nanohybrid approaches  10.1016/j.isci.2022.103825
8 Hıra, O.| Yücedağ, S.| Samankan, S.| Çiçek, Ö.Y.| Altınkaynak, A. Numerical and experimental analysis of optimal nozzle dimensions for FDM printers  10.1007/s40964-021-00241-y
9 Ozsipahi, M.| Kose, H.A.| Kerpicci, H.| Gunes, H.
Experimental study of R290/R600a mixtures in vapor compression refrigeration system  10.1016/j.ijrefrig.2021.10.004
10 Gokcekaya, O.| Ergun, C.| Gulmez, T.| Nakano, T.| Yilmaz, S. Structural Characterization of Ion Nitrided 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel: Influence of Treatment Temperature and Time  10.3390/met12020306
11 Gunpinar, E.| Armanfar, A.
Helical5AM: Five-axis parametrized helical additive manufacturing  10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2022.117565
12 Onler, R.| Koca, A.S.| Kirim, B.| Soylemez, E.
Multi-objective optimization of binder jet additive manufacturing of Co-Cr-Mo using machine learning 10.1007/s00170-021-08183-z
13 Lee, J.W.| Lee, C.W.| Şahin, B.| Vîlcu, G.-E. Chen-Ricci inequalities for Riemannian maps and their applications  10.1090/conm/777/15627
14 Kose, H.A.| Yildizeli, A.| Cadirci, S. Parametric study and optimization of microchannel heat sinks with various shapes  10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2022.118368
15 Kilavuz, A.| Sarigiguzel, F.| Ozgoren, M.| Durhasan, T.| Sahin, B.| Kavurmacioglu, L.A.| Akilli, H.| Sekeroglu, E.| Yaniktepe, B. The impacts of the free-surface and angle of attack on the flow structures around a torpedo-like geometry  10.1016/j.euromechflu.2021.12.005
16 Parlakyigit, A.S.| Ergun, C. A facile synthesis method for in situ composites of TiB2/B4C and ZrB2/B4C  10.1007/s41779-021-00700-3
17 Celik, E.| Sacmaozu, G.| Irez, A.B. Development of Carbon-Glass Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composites: Applications in Offshore Wind Turbine Blades  10.1007/978-3-030-86741-6_4
18 Şimşek, S.| Vahid, E.A.| Çelik, S.| Sayar, E.| Koşar, A. Fabrication and flow rate characterization of a DRIE process based valveless piezoelectric micropump  10.1088/1361-6439/ac69ab
19 Saf, O.| Erol, H.| Kutlu, A.E. A method for material characterization of sealing system elastomers using sound transmission loss measurements  10.1016/j.polymertesting.2022.107618
20 Yüceşan, A.| Mugan, A. Development of a model predictive controller for an active torsional vibration damper to suppress torsional vibrations in vehicle powertrains  10.1177/09544070211014791
21 Celebi, A.T.| Uzel, G.| Oylumlu, E.| Baykasoglu, C.| Mugan, A.| Joly, S.| Ciraci, C. Computational Modeling of T Cell Hypersensitivity during Coronavirus Infections Leading to Autoimmunity and Lethality  10.1155/2022/9444502
22 Ak, S.E.| Cadirci, S. Investigation of Suction Flow Control on Centrifugal Compressor with Vaned Diffuser  10.3390/en15020583
23 Ozturk, S.| Erol, H. Multi-objective optimization of a diesel particulate filter: an acoustic approach  10.1080/02726351.2021.1964116
24 Sag, D.C.| Erol, H.| Gursoy, I.| Kayasal, U. Optomechanical system design under road vibration conditions  10.1177/09544070221091681
25 Bolat, Ç.| Akgün, İ.C.| Gökşenli, A. Influences of reinforcement size and artificial aging on the compression features of hybrid ceramic filled aluminum syntactic foams  10.1177/09544062221083208
26 Balcı, Ö.| Yavuz, A.| Özkan, M.| Sen, O.T. Comparison and investigation of inverse identification techniques for the material properties of a brake disc through experimental and numerical modal analysis  10.1177/09544062221104714
27 Gökaslan, M.Y.| Özdemir, M.| Kuddusi, L. Experimental study on laminar air flow and heat transfer through a spiral channel filled with steel balls  10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2021.107359
28 Mataraci, F.| Karimov, U.| Ozdemir, I.B.| Yildirim, D.| Altindag, A. CFD simulations and analyses of asymptomatic and symptomatic nasal airway obstructions  10.1142/S0219519422500051
29 Bakkal, M.| Osmanoǧlu, H.| Bodur, M.S. Effect of surface treatments on the interfacial strength for metal/composite hybrid joints  10.17341/gazimmfd.943926
30  Caglayan, A.| Husain, S.M.| Ipek, M.| Aynur, T.N.| Cadirci, S. Dynamic Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Domestic Refrigeration Cycle  10.1115/1.4052453
31 Balta, E.C.| Altınkaynak, A. Numerical and experimental analysis of bead cross-sectional geometry in fused filament fabrication  10.1108/RPJ-09-2021-0255
32  Yucel, A. Numerical and Experimental Modal Analyses of Inclined Supported Bridge Wing Structures  10.20855/ijav.2022.27.11863
33  Irez, A.B.| Okan, C.| Kaya, R.| Cebe, E. Development of recycled disposable mask based polypropylene matrix composites: Microwave self-healing via graphene nanoplatelets  10.1016/j.susmat.2022.e00389
34 Subaşı, A.| Erdem, K. Prediction of specific heat of hybrid nanofluids using artificial neural networks  10.17341/gazimmfd.880340
35 Tasmektepligil, A.A.| Gunpinar, E. SplineLearner: Generative learning system of design constraints for models represented using B-spline surfaces  10.1016/j.aei.2021.101478
36 Bulut, C.O.| Jena, S.P.| Kurt, S. Experimental and computational study on dynamic analysis of cracked simply supported structures under moving mass  10.3221/IGF-ESIS.60.09
37  Subasi, A. Mini-channel heat exchanger optimization using genetic algorithm and multiple-criteria decision making  10.18186/thermal.1066993
38 Sancak, K.V.| Bayraktaroglu, Z.Y.  Nonlinear Computed Torque Control of 6-Dof Parallel Manipulators  10.1007/s12555-021-0198-6
39 Tekcin, M.| Sayar, E.| Yalcin, M.K.| Bahadir, S.K. Wearable and Flexible Humidity Sensor Integrated to Disposable Diapers for Wetness Monitoring and Urinary Incontinence  10.3390/electronics11071025
40 Erbas, B.| Yardim, S.| Kirca, M. Mechanical properties of fullerene embedded silicon nanowires  10.1007/s00419-022-02151-z
41  Sengul, M.| Isik, E.H.| Ozdemir, I.B. Models for Droplet Motion on Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Surfaces  10.1080/01457632.2021.1953753
43 Abusoglu, A.| Tozlu, A.| Anvari-Moghaddam, A.  A Two-Stage ORC Integration to an Existing Fluidized Bed Sewage Sludge Incineration Plant for Power Production in the Scope of Waste-to-Energy  10.5541/ijot.994813
44 Ertürk, F.| Erol, H. On the acoustic radiation of all edges free rectangular thin plate  10.3397/1/37703
45 Sonkaya, F.| Cadirci, S.| Erdem, D. Flow Separation Control on NACA0015 Airfoil Using Synchronized Jet Actuator  10.47176/jafm.15.02.33068
46 Altuǧ, E.| Türkmen, A. A Novel Mini Jet Engine Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Modeling and Control  10.1142/S2301385022500017
47 Polat, M.E.| Cadirci, S. Artificial neural network model and multi-objective optimization of microchannel heat sinks with diamond-shaped pin fins  10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2022.123015
48 Bolat, C.| Bekar, C.| Goksenli, A. Mechanical and Physical Characteristics of Bubble Alumina Reinforced Aluminum Syntactic Foams Made Through Recyclable Pressure Infiltration Technique  10.35378/gujs.855321
50 Caliskan, E.| Kirca, M. Tensile characteristics of boron nanotubes by using reactive molecular dynamics simulations  10.1016/j.commatsci.2022.111368
51  Benim, A.C.| Deniz Canal, C.| Boke, Y.E. Computational investigation of oxy-combustion of pulverized coal and biomass in a swirl burner  10.1016/
52 Yavuz, B.| Vural, M. Failure Analysis of ATV Axles  10.1007/s11668-022-01366-0
53  Sarigiguzel, F.| Kilavuz, A.| Ozgoren, M.| Durhasan, T.| Sahin, B.| Kavurmacioglu, L.A.| Akilli, H.| Sekeroglu, E.| Yaniktepe, B. Experimental investigation of free-surface effects on flow characteristics of a torpedo-like geometry having a cambered nose  10.1016/j.oceaneng.2022.111174
54 Okan, C.| Kaya, R.| Irez, A.B.| Cebe, E. Effect of the Graphene Nanoplatelets (GnPs) on the Mechanical Properties in Recycled PP-Based Hybrid Composites  10.1007/978-3-030-86741-6_5
55 Gunpinar, E.| Cam, S. 4 and 5-Axis additive manufacturing of parts represented using free-form 3D curves  10.1016/j.gmod.2022.101137
Argin, O.F.| Bayraktaroglu, Z.Y. Single-master/multi-slave haptic teleoperation: a force control scheme  10.1108/IR-02-2021-0027
57 Samankan, S.| Fard, A. A.| Berkkurt, T. Z.| Altınkaynak, A.| Acer Kalafat, M. Finite element modeling of an origami-inspired delta mechanism with flexible components and joints