Head of Research Lab: Prof. Dr. Haluk EROL


Prof. Dr. Haluk EROL
Prof. Dr. Özgür TURHAN
Prof. Dr. Vahit MERMERTAŞ
Prof. Dr. Erdinç ALTUĞ
Araş. Gör. Dr. Sinem ÖZTÜRK
Araş. Gör. Sevinç Aycan YETİM
Araş. Gör. Uğur TATLIER
Araş. Gör. Nurşah ÖNER

ITU Prof. Dr. Fuat Pasin Laboratory is used for Graduation Study, Master's and Doctoral Thesis studies and for the execution of interdisciplinary scientific research projects by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Members and their assistants or with the participation of teams from different faculties of ITU.

Field of Work:

  • Determination of acoustic properties of materials
  • Modal tests of structures
  • Strength tests of structures

The Most Notable Completed or Ongoing Projects in the Laboratory

TÜBİTAK 3001 - Motorcycle Helmet Acoustics Project