Laboratuvar Sorumlusu: Prof. Dr. Celaletdin Ergun

Laboratuvar Çalışanları (Akademik Ünvan Sırasına Göre)

Prof.Dr.Levent Trabzon
Doç.Dr. Turgut Gülmez

ITU Mechanical Engineering Faculty, (Functional Materials and Structures) Laboratory is a research laboratory where researh studies are carried out on the design, prototype fabrication and characterization of high value-added functional materials and structures. In the laboratory, in addition to developing and testing innovative ideas and conducting research projects supported by various institutions, undergraduate students carry out graduation design projects, while MSc and PhD students carry out experimental and simulation studies.

Laboratuar Çalışma Alanları

  • Smart nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis and treatment: Synthesis, characterization and simulation,
  • Ultrasonic Transducers for engineering applications.
  • ICP and CCP plasmas for nano particle synthesis,
  • Boron and boron carbide nano particles and their composites,   
  • Calcium phosphate based materials,
  • Scaffold design and fabrication via indirect solid preform method,
  • FEM simulations of impact loading, piezoelectricity, laser cutting process and bone - implant/prosthesis interface, ICP and CCP plasmas, magnetic and laser heating, thermoelectric devices

Laboratuvarda Yapılmış veya Yapılmakta Olan Önemli Projeler

  • “Ultrasonic Transducer Design and Prototype Fabrication for Cutting and Drilling Operations”, (İTÜ BAP - 2018-21).
  • “B4C, TiB2, ZrB2 and SiC Nano Particles Synthesis in Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactor” (BOREN 2013-15).
  • “Smart nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications” (TUBİTAK 2013-2019).
  • “Zr, Ti, Si, and B Based Oxide and Non-Oxide Particles via Spray Pyrolysis” (İTÜ BAP 2010-13).
  • “Multifunctional Nano Particles for Biomedical Applications” (İTÜ BAP 2010-13).
  • “Nano Porous Ag Doped Antibacterial Hydroxylapatite Coating with Electro Spray Method” (İTÜ BAP 2009-10).
  • “Al-Si Proeutectic Alloys for Light Weight Commercial Vehicle Wheels” (İTÜ BAP 2013-14).
  • “Seamed Pipe Fabrication via Induction Welding Method from Micro-Alloyed Steels” (İTÜ BAP 2011-12).
  • “Machinable CaTiO3 / TCP Composites” (İTÜ BAP 2010-14).
  • “Projectile / Armor Interaction; FEM Analysis and Verifications from Literature”, (İTÜ BAP 2011-12).
  • “The Corrosion Resistance of Phosphate Coated Gasoline Engine Valves” (İTÜ BAP 2010-11).
  • “Synthesis of B4C from Low Cost Sugar Based Precursor” (BOREN 2008-09).
  • “Fabrication of Scaffolds with Complex Internal and External Architecture” (TÜBİTAK 2006-08).
  • “Hydroxylapatite / Barium Titanate Composite Piezo - Bioceramics for Accelerated Bone Healing” (İTÜ BAP 2006-08).
  • “Paintable PZT / Acrylic Composites for Low Cost Sensor Applications” İTÜ BAP 2005-06).
  • “Synthesis, Characterization and In-Vitro Biocompatibility of Calcium Phosphate Materials for Bone Grafting Applications” (İTÜ BAP 2004-05).