Head of Research Lab: Öğr. Gör. Dr. Merve Acer Kalafat

Web site: flexlab.itu.edu.tr


Lecturer Dr. Merve Acer Kalafat
Assoc. Dr. Atakan Altınkaynak
Res. Assist. Dila Türkmen
Shahrad Samankan (PhD. Student)
Tunca Zeki Berkkurt (PhD. Student)
Tuğçe Çalışkan (MSc. Student)
Aleyna Arslan (MSc. Student)
Muhammed Alperen Kumru (BSc. Student)
Faik Eren Altun (BSc. Student)
Berkay Köstekci (BSc. Student)

Flexible Systems Laboratory was established at ITU Mechanical Engineering Faculty in 2019. The main focus of the lab is to develop solutions for smart, flexible, and soft robotic systems. We focus on designing embedded and wearable sensors, fabrication of flexible and foldable structures, motion control of robotic systems, 3D printing technologies, and modeling of flexible structures.

Field of Work:

  • Development of soft and flexible robotic systems
  • Foldable, origami-based mechanism design
  • Mechatronic system design and integration
  • Wearable sensor design
  • 3D Printing technologies
  • Flexible (compliant) mechanism modeling
  • Machine learning applications
  • Control applications

The Most Notable Completed or Ongoing Projects in the Laboratory

  • Wearable Lower Body Exoskeleton System With Flexible Clothing (TÜBİTAK 1003 Primary Subjects R&D Funding Program, Robot Design and Architecture call project, Project No: 118E924)
  • Design and Manufacturing Of Novel Systems For Miniature Parallel Robots (TÜBİTAK 1003 Primary Subjects R&D Funding Program, Research on New Generation Robotic Systems call project, Project No: 216M193)
  • Tactile System Design For Texture Recognition And Realization (TÜBİTAK Career Development Program, Project No:215E139)
  • Optimization of Manufacturing Parameters of FDM 3D Printers (TÜBİTAK Career Development Program, Project No:217M687)