Elevator Technologies Laboratory

Laboratory Manager: Prof. Dr. C. Erdem İmrak

Web site: transport.itu.edu.tr


Prof. Dr. C. Erdem İmrak
Assoc. Dr. Serpil Kurt Habiboğlu
Lec. Yusuf Ziya Kocabal
Lec. Dr. Adem Candaş
Lec. Saliha Gündüz
Res. Assist. Umut Şahin
Res. Assist. Eren Kalay
Res. Assist. Ayhan Hacıoğlu
Res. Assist. Abdül Melik Sancak

Field of Work
Elevator Technologies Laboratory was founded in 2003 at ITU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with the support of both the university and the elevator industry, to respond to the needs of the industry and to carry out undergraduate and graduate academic studies. The main fields of work are the inspection and tests of elevators and their safety equipment.