Laboratory Managers  : 
Prof.Dr. Mustafa Özdemir
Assoc. Dr. Ersin Sayar

Laboratory Staff

Prof.Dr. Mustafa Özdemir
Prof.Dr. Seyhan Uygur Onbaşıoğlu
Prof.Dr. Lütfullah Kuddusi
Assoc. Dr. Ersin Sayar
Res. Assist. Ali Murat Binark
Res. Assist. Atakan Coşkun
Technician Salman Benli

ITU Dept. of Mech. Eng. Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory is basically a research laboratory where heat and mass transfer experiments are carried out in a porous medium. Experiments in oscillating and pulsating flow are also carried out in the laboratory. Analytical methods and numerical solutions, which are theoretical approaches, are also applied to all kinds of heat, mass and momentum transfer problems. Two-phase flows are also studied. As well as the thermal conductivity and total heat transfer coefficient measurement experiments that contribute to the industry, services such as consultancy, expert and project supervision are also provided in line with the needs of the Turkish Industry.


  • Determination of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Porous Media. Packed balls and metal foams are used as porous media in laboratory studies. Time-dependent oscillating and pulsating flows are also being studied. Some sample studies: Determination of heat transfer and pressure drop in spiral packed beds in different curvature diameters, channel widths and porous environments, experimental investigation of heat transfer and pressure drop in case of pulsating air flow in circular cross sectional duct with metal foam inside, experimental investigation of heat transfer and pressure drop in case of pulsed water flow in a rectangular duct with metal foam inside, determination of heat transfer and pressure drop in case of reciprocating water flow in circular cross-section channels containing metal foam with different PPI pore densities.
  • Vibrating Heat Pipes.
  • Heat Transfer at Boiling.
  • Experimental Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Materials.
  • Phase Change Materials and Storage of Thermal Energy.
  • Computational Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer.
  • Heat and Mass Exchangers.
  • Single and Two Phase (Liquid-Vapor) Heat and Mass Transport Phenomena in Macro and Micro Scale Systems.
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Solid-Gas and Solid-Liquid Two-Phase Systems (Porous Media, Fluid Beds and Drying).


  • Research project on “Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer in Porous Media and Application to Metal Foam” carried out with Prof. Dr. Nihad Dukhan from Detroit Mercy University, USA, Michigan, within the scope of Tübitak 2221 Visiting Researcher Program and the Fulbright scholarship.
  • Industrial research Project for Eroglu Boilers.
  • Demirdöküm Panel Radiators Industrial Research Project.
  • Heat Pipe Panel Radiator Project.


PhD and Master Thesis Studies That Have Been or Are Being Carried Out in The Laboratory

Master Theses

  • “Experimental Study and Mathematical Modelling on the Oscillating Loop Heat Pipe Consisting of Three Interconnected Columns”, 2007.
  • “Investigation of Heat Transfer in Reciprocating Boiling Flow”, 2008.
  • “Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection on Seperated U Shaped Fin Modules”, 2014.
  • “Thermal Analysis of Work Piece During Milling Process”, 2014.
  • “An Experimental Analysis of an Oscillating Heat Pipe Consisting of Three Interconnected Columns at Various Operating Pressures”, 2015.
  • “Analysis Of 5 KW ORC System Operating With R245FA and Plate Type Evaporator and Condenser”, 2018.
  • “Analysis Of Thermal Energy Storage With Pcm In Clyndrical Container Filled By Porous Medium”, 2018.
  • “Experimental Investigation of Thermal Energy Storage with Phase Change Material Embedded with Helical Finned Heater Inside a Cylindrical Container”, 2018.
  • “Experimental Setup Design for Pool Boiling on Horizontal Tube and Experimental Investigation of Pool Boiling of Acetone”, 2018.
  • “Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer in Pulsating Air Flow with a Porous Medium”, 2019.

    PhD Theses

  • “Heat Transfer in Porous Media of Steel Balls Under Oscillating Flow”, 2012.
  • “The Effect of Pulsating Flow on Heat Transfer in Aluminum Metal Foam”, 2021.
  • “Experimental Investigation of Flow and Heat Transfer in Curved Channels with Porous Media Formed by Filling Balls”, 2021.
  • “Forced Convection Boiling in Metal Foam”.