General Information

The name of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was assigned in 1944. The university reform realized in 1933 closed the Institute of Electricity and the Institute of Machines operating under the Science Faculty of Istanbul University and Mechanical-Electrical Engineering education started under the new Electro-Mechanic Department of the Higher Engineering School. Later in 1944, the name of Higher Engineering School has changed to Istanbul Technical University and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was formed under Istanbul Technical University as a separate division.

The members of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering perform research and teaching in the areas of the design, development and production planning of all types of mechanical and energy transformation systems. R&D studies have been performed in many areas including but not limited to automotive industry, petrochemical industry, robotics, textile industry and defense industry.

Being one of the modern educational and research institutions, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering houses one of the most extensive research laboratories in Turkey. Two undergraduate programs are implemented in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Besides the classical Mechanical Engineering Program, the first Manufacturing Engineering Program in Turkey was established in 2003 under the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Manufacturing Engineering Program enables the students to study manufacturing methods, engineering design and materials, production planning and the control of manufacturing systems. Rapid development in the area of manufacturing industry in Turkey increases the importance and need of manufacturing engineers.